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We bridge the gap between talent and companies through our bespoke hiring solutions.

According to your needs, we offer onsite or remote


Sourcing and delivering workforce in multiple


We scope out a broad range of labor markets and



We cover various industries to meet your needs and help you swiftly onboard desired human resources. Tell us about your requirements, deadlines, and budget. We will find you the right fit for the vacancy.

Nurses & Medical Staff

Software Developers

Construction Workers

Cleaning Staff

Truck Drivers

Vehicle Mechanics

About Us

We are tech enthusiasts developing an AI-based tool to help companies hiring quality human resources swiftly. Our multiple locations enable us to access local markets and quickly meet client requirements.

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and I am currently looking for top-notch talent for my company.

I'm an Employee

and looking for a challenging role in an exciting company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions; however, we are always an email away to answer your questions personally..

How it works?

Fill out the requisition form through our website, and we will get back to you with a plan to either hire or find the right job.

How much would it cost?
We take 1 net salary from the employee and the employer pays €1,500 per hire.
How long the hiring process will take?
The hiring process varies from vacancy to vacancy. However, we ensure sharing matched resumes quickly.
Do you run background checks?

Yes, we do run background checks before suggesting an employee to the company.

Do we provide contractors or employees?
We provide both, i.e., contractors or employees. Also, it is possible to hire remote workers with us.
When the app will be fully available?
App will be fully available in third quarter of 2024.